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It has been a long time since some planets were invaded by an alien race. In order to clean it up, a mercenary and an elite trooper grasp the opportunity to give themselves a name while taking revenge on these creatures.


Xenos heresy is a turn based game, where you control an elite team of mercenaries fighting of hordes of aliens. Use your rich arsenal to cooperate your way through your ennemies, destroying their nest before they can bring life to more. Careful not to loose even one of your mercenaries : only bringin back home one of them is not an option.




Thellier Terence - ART 

Berard Alexandre - GD

Le Guyader Robin - GD

Boutin Vincent - GP

Guillaumin Noé - GP

Jeanselme Antoine - GP


Music composed by AIVA - Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist (https://www.aiva.ai)